Our Services

  1. Air and Water Balancing:
    We are certified by AABC to provide Testing, Adjusting and Balancing services for building environmental systems both air and water.
  2. Building System Commissioning:
    Mid Atlantic Test & Balance, Inc. is certified for HVAC and Plumbing Systems Commissioning.
  3. Sound and Vibration Testing:
    HVAC Equipment is tested for sound and vibration.  It is then measured against industry standards and job specifications to ensure compliance, comfort and safety. 
  4. Ultra Sonic Water Flow measurement:
    Our equipment is capable of obtaining accurate water flow readings without disrupting service on almost any kind of fluid and any type of accessible pipe.
  5. 5. IAQ Testing for LEED Credit 3.2:
    We have in-house equipment to test airborne particles (PM10), formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.  We also have accredited laboratory affiliation to test total VOC’s and for 4-phenylcyclohexane.
  6. Duct Air Leakage Testing (DALT):
    Mid Atlantic Test and Balance, Inc. has equipment and qualified personnel to provide duct leakage testing on all types of duct systems.